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Plastic injection molding is the most widely used method of plastic parts production. This highly effective manufacturing process of large number of equal parts is developing quickly and it brings remarkable outcomes.

Our products combine results of creative thinking, inventive customer tailored design and innovative solutions. The toolroom for production of injection molds significantly contributes to efficiency of production in general. Technological equipment consists of 5 modern injection molding presses from ARBURG and ENGEL.
Creative development begins with understanding of the customer needs and “tailor-made” services. Each project is analyzed and planned with focus on every detail, tailored to the customer´s requirements. Development is extremely important during a stage when the customer does not have a clear idea, or his main aim is to improve the original design. He can be also facing problems in production caused by some component specifications.

We offer production consultation with creative team from development and production department to our customers.
Together we will create plastic components according your needs!