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Unique solutions, development and production for demanding electrotechnical products
From idea to the product for fair price

CDL provides the entire development and production of electrical equipment, from the first idea, scheme and initial project development, including analysis of customer requirements, preparation of concept, design of complete solution, through construction and development after the customer approval, production of printed circuit boards (PCB), creation of the first device prototype, through testing up to the serial production itself. On another hand, it offers improvement and increase in efficiency of an existing solution – by problems identification, by individual manner of solving and eliminating the problem, by process optimization, with minimizing risks and costs.

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Wiring diagram and printed circuit board (PCB) design

Designing a wiring diagram from the right components is crucial step. At the same time, wiring diagram is a basic document that serves as a component specification for creating a printed circuit board. A high-quality wiring diagram also contains other information, which are needed in order to properly understand the functionality of the device. It maps in a very detailed way the interconnection of circuits and components in an easy-to-read form.

The printed circuit board is a non-conductive laminate board, which is a supporting element of electronic circuits. Properly positioned circuits, components and construction elements are connected according to the wiring diagram by conductive connections.

We provide to the customer the PCB design, which based on the diagram and it provides all the documentation needed for the production of printed circuit boards.

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Prototype production and test operation

Ensuring the production of prototype of developed equipment, as well as production of smaller series is the company standard. The prototype can be used as a sample for testing. The necessary documentation is prepared for a serial production. A significant step in development of electronic equipment is a test operation. A matter of course is providing of product pilot testing, which simulates its real use. Small number of units - prototypes - are tested in trial operation. The possibilities of production, design proposal or even the usability of the documentation are examined and assessed. After the end of the test operation, all revealed defects are incorporated, the result is the final product.

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Quality cost-saving product

Customer satisfaction is the main focus. The device is developed and manufactured in accordance with its requirements and concept. Using modern technologies and quality materials, which are underlined by many years of experience, CDL has a suitable solution for every customer. The proof is long-standing satisfied customers who regularly turn to the company, whether in the development of an existing product or improving a new generation of products, based on the satisfaction and quality of provided services.